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Posted on 9/3/2013 by Patrick Brooks

This Thursday, January 29th, 7:00pm, Arts InSight (encore presentation) devotes the entire half hour to artist James Turrell, who takes us on an exclusive tour of his Houston Installations (in the Heights, at Rice University and at MFAH.) to celebrate the opening of major retrospectives of his work in Houston, New York and Los Angeles, (The trailer shows a view of LOFM). 

Posted on 1/26/2015 by Cathy Guttentag

 Sunday, Feb. 1, Adult First Day School will host the Seekers Gathering.  Those in attendance are welcome to bring a question about our Quaker faith and practice.  
  9:20--10:20 a.m. in The Meeting House.  All are welcome.

Posted on 1/25/2015 by Mark Herranen

   Sunday, Jan. 25, Adult First Day School will host Peter Bryn, volunteer Group Leader of the Houston Chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby.  He will discuss the importance of climate change, and how citizens can engage their community and government to begin mitigation of its impact.
   Citizens' Climate Lobby is a non-partisan organization that advocates for responsible action on climate change by meeting with our members of Congress, and building political will in our communities.
   First Day School begins at 9:20 a.m. in The Meeting House.  All are welcome.

Posted on 1/20/2015 by Mark Herranen

 Sunday, Jan. 18, Andy Miller will lead a discussion in Adult First Day School about Robert Barclay, who has been called the first Quaker theologian.  His best-known work "The Apology  for True Christian Divinity", published in 1675, expressed the early theological consensus of Friends in England.  In this work Barclay attempted to explain Friends' theological principles to the King of England and his people. Barclay also proposed that the Friends held beliefs agreeable to scripture, reason and true learning, and that they were peaceful and should not be persecuted.
  Adult First Day School begins at 9:20 a.m. in the Meeting House.  

Posted on 1/16/2015 by Mark Herranen
Posted on 1/16/2015 by Larry Marcotte

 12-28-14--no First Day School.
 01-04-15--Seekers Gathering led by Bill Mize.  Opportunity for asking questions about Quaker faith and practice, and sharing our personal experiences with our faith and practice.
 01-11-15--Chris Drexler will present "LOFM and the Establishment of the Harris County Hospital District."  This movie will include the influence of LOFM members in establishing the charity hospital district, and their success in doing so after eight years of struggle.  The movie is based on a lecture given by Jan de Hartog, well-known author and former member of our Meeting.
Adult First Day School is from 9:20 am--10:20 am in The Meeting House.  All are welcome.

Posted on 12/23/2014 by Mark Herranen

 It is time to register for the Winter Gathering of Bayou Quarterly! Click on the Bayou Quarterly link on the left hand side of this page to get information and your registration packet.

Posted on 12/22/2014 by Bette Drexler

Sunday, December 21st Adult First Day School will host a discussion of ideas from Carrie Newcomer, a contemporary Quaker folksinger.  Mark Herranen will lead the discussion.  You may access an interview with Carrie Newcomer on the On Being website (November 30, 2014 program).
 9:20 a.m.--10:20 a.m. in The Meeting House.  All are welcome. 

Posted on 12/20/2014 by Mark Herranen

From Mike Wright: Next week, I will lead a discussion of Stephen Hawking. It might be helpful if
you can see the movie "The Theory of Everything" which is showing at the River Oaks Theater.

Posted on 12/6/2014 by Susan Long