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Clerks' Emails

This list is a compilation of public emails for clerks and officers of Live Oak Friends Meeting. These addresses forward to the private email addresses of the person currently serving in that role.

Role Associated Email Address
Clerk of Meeting clerk@friendshouston.org
Associate Clerk of Meeting associate_clerk@friendshouston.org
Directory listkeeper@friendshouston.org
Docents (for Skyspace viewings) docent@friendshouston.org
Recording Clerk recording@friendshouston.org
Records Clerk records@friendshouston.org
Scheduler scheduler@friendshouston.org
Treasurer treasurer@friendshouston.org
Webmaster webmaster@friendshouston.org
Adult Religious Education Committee Clerk arec@friendshouston.org
Care and Concern Committee Clerk care_concern@friendshouston.org
Children's Religious Education Committee Clerk crec@friendshouston.org
Communications Committee Clerk communications@friendshouston.org
Finance Committee Clerk finance@friendshouston.org
Hospitality Committee Clerk hospitality@friendshouston.org
Library Committee Clerk library@friendshouston.org
Nominating Committee Committee Clerk nominating@friendshouston.org
Outreach Committee Clerk outreach@friendshouston.org
Planning Committee Clerk planning@friendshouston.org
Property Committee Clerk property@friendshouston.org
Worship & Ministry Committee Clerk worship@friendshouston.org